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Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)(New)

Take Advantage of The Loan Program to Fund Your Energy Audit.
Home Energy Loan Program

Making your home more energy efficient is one of the most substantial actions homeowners can take to reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change.
The Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) was developed to help Saskatchewan homeowners improve energy efficiency, install renewable energy, or reduce water use by offering low interest loans to cover the costs of these upgrades.

Through the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP), Loans Up to $60,000 are available to homeowners residing in the city of Saskatchewan for eligible retrofits.

HELP makes it easy and affordable for homeowners to pay for home improvements over time and access rebates offered by utility companies and the Federal government. Once funding is approved, homeowners can hire the contractor of their choice and complete their renovations.

Loan program Details

Maximum:  $60,000
Repayment term: up to 20 years, interest-free

The Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) is currently accepting applications, applications will be reviewed based on funding availability and will be approved or waitlisted. You will need your property tax roll number in order to apply.

Improvements Might Include Upgrades to The Following:

  • High-efficiency furnaces/boilers/central air conditioners*
  • Window & exterior door replacements*
  • Basement/attic/exterior wall insulation*
  • Air sealing (e.g. weather stripping or caulking)
  • Gas tank-less water heaters/gas storage water heater/electric heat
  • pump storage water heaters*
  • Drain-water heat recovery systems
  • HRV (heat recover ventilation) system installation*
  • Smart thermostats
  • Renewable Energy
  • Air-source heat pumps*
  • Geothermal heat pumps*
  • Solar water heater*
  • Solar PV panels
  • Solar inverter
  • Water Conservation
  • Low-flow toilet replacements*
  • Low-flow fixture and faucet replacements*
  • Irrigation control systems
  • Permanently affixed rainwater catchment sized to hold 50 gallons or more
  • Level 2 EV charging station system and installation costs
  • Battery storage system (paired with renewable generation)
  • Window glazing and embedded markers for birds

*Denotes products must be ENERGY STAR rated for locate climate region or Water Sense Certified.

loan Program Incentives

The following rebates are eligible for HELP for income qualified households and/or any homeowners approved to participate in HELP.

Income-qualified households are eligible for an expanded package of rebates up to $6,000 and all other participants are eligible for $4,000 in rebates.

Rebate Category Incentive(Rebate Value )
Income-qualified Rebates
EnerGuide Home Assessments $900
Programmable smart thermostat $180
Weather stripping $200
Air sealing $900
A low flow toilet $200 per toilet
Low flow faucet aerators $15 per faucet
Low flow showerheads $25 per showerhead
Rainwater catchment (for outdoor landscaping purposes) $100
Window glazing and embedded markers for birds $130
Windows (maximum 10 per household) $120 per window max.
of $1,200/household
Exterior doors (maximum 2 per household) $100 per door up to max.
of $200/household
ERV (energy recovery ventilator) $1,500
Drain water heat recovery $600
Furnace $450
Boiler $450
Heat pump water heater $1,000
Rooftop Solar $4,000
Insulation (exterior wall, attic, and basement) Wall $4,000; Attic $900; Basement $3,000
Air source heat pump $4,000
Ground source heat pump $4,000
Electric vehicle (EV) charging station $600
Solar water heater $1,000
A bonus incentive to encourage Net Zero Ready or Net Zero home renovations* $10,000
Standard Rebates (for anyone approved to participate in HELP)
EnerGuide Home Assessment $900
Insulation (exterior wall, attic, and basement) Wall $4,000; Attic $900; Basement $3,000
Air sealing $900
Air source heat pump $4,000
Ground source heat pump $4,000
Rooftop Solar $4,000
EV charging station $600
Solar water heater $1,000
Heat pump water heater $1,000
ERV (energy recovery ventilator) $1,500
Drain water heat recovery system $600
Net Zero or Net Zero Ready home renovation rebate* $10,000

*Net Zero Renovation Rebate
A $10,000 rebate is available for homeowners who successfully renovate their homes to Net Zero. Participants can go through the Canadian Home Builders Association (CHBA) Towards Cost-Effective Net-Zero Energy Ready Residential Renovations Project. Net Zero rebates are exempt from the maximum rebate cap.
If you are interested in a Net Zero renovation, please let us know.

Net Zero Rebate
A $10,000 rebate is available for homeowners who plan to renovate their home to Net Zero or Net Zero Ready.


Owners of single-family residential homes including detached homes, semi-detached homes, and row housing, within Saskatchewan City limits are eligible for HELP.    

The home being renovated must:  

  • Not have any outstanding or delinquent taxes  
  • Be a single-family residential home  
  • Be located within the city of Saskatchewan
  • Be an existing home, new homes under construction are not eligible for the program 

The applicant must:  

  • Be an individual
  • Be the owner of the home where upgrades are being installed 
  • Be in “good standing” regarding City utility bills, taxes, and any other municipal charges  

If you are already participating in a property tax deferral program with the City such as a lead line replacement loan, you are still eligible to apply for this program. Multi-unit commercial style condominium buildings are not eligible for this program.   

How to Apply

Step 1

Application Form

Step 2

energy audit,

funding request

Step 3

Property Owner Agreement

Step 4

project completion

Step 5

loan repayment

As the property owner, you complete the Application form. Once the City receives and approves your application, we will send you a funding offer that states the maximum amount that your property is eligible to receive through the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP). If your home is subject to a mortgage, we will provide a letter and form for you to give to your mortgage lender. Your mortgage lender’s consent is required before the City can send you a funding offer.

Participants that have not submitted their funding request with EnerGuide audit results, contractor quotes with required specifications, and a planned project details form within six months of the initial
application being approved may have their enrollment in the program terminated.

Book A Home Energy Assessment With an Energy Advisor Registered By Natural Resources Canada:


The assessment will include a basement-to-attic assessment of your home’s insulation, heating and cooling systems, and detect any air leaks or drafts.

When the assessment is complete, you will receive:


  • a Renovation Upgrade Report with recommendations for specific improvements
  • an EnerGuide¹ rating based on your home’s current energy performance
  • information on available incentives and rebates

To book your Energy Audit please call us or request here.

Submit Your Funding Request:


Using the customized recommendations provided through your EnerGuide audit, decide which improvements you wish to make based on the eligible projects for the program.


You can request the City pay a contractor deposit on your behalf or choose to pay deposit to your contractor out of pocket. You can be reimbursed for deposits at the end of your project, but only if you follow the program process and have fulfilled the requirements of your contract signed with the City.

This includes submitting all final invoices to the City and providing the results of the final energy efficiency home evaluation within 30 days of the final audit date.

Once the City has approved your Funding Request, we will send you a Property Owner Agreement (POA), which is the funding agreement between the property owner(s) and the City.

You must sign the POA and return to the City. Once the POA is approved by the City, we can provide, if requested, up to 30 per cent of the funds to help you get your project underway.

Homeowners assume full responsibility for the work performed, which includes selecting, hiring and paying contractors, and obtaining all required municipal and/or provincial permits, if applicable.

When your project is complete, book your post-retrofit home energy assessment with your Energy Advisor. The Advisor will verify the improvements and provide a new EnerGuide¹ rating for your home.

Submit a Project Completion Report signed by your Energy Advisor, along with your contractor’s invoices and your new EnerGuide rating label. The City will then provide you with the remaining funds for your project.

You must submit your Project Completion Form within 30 days of the date of your post-project energy evaluation, unless special circumstances deemed reasonable by the City apply.

Once your project is complete, the City will notify you when your loan payments will begin. You will be enrolled in the City’s Pre-Authorized Tax Payment program and repay the City via 11 monthly instalments per year over the term of your loan. Loan payments made via the property tax bill are treated in the same manner, and subject to the same penalties, remedies and lien priorities.

At any time during the term of the loan, you may pay the outstanding balance, without penalty, to clear the loan from your property.

Terms for Home Energy Loan Program

Homeowners can choose the repayment term that best suits their needs options include:  

Terms 2021 Interest Rate 2022 Interest Rate 2023 Interest Rate 2024Interest Rate
5 years 1.45% 1.68% 4.32% 3.63%
10 years 2.31% 2.23% 4.2% 3.94%
20 years 3.14% 2.72% 4.86% 4.42%

The minimum loan to participate in the program is $1,000. The maximum loan amount for this program is $40,000, unless you can provide proof that your project will reduce your homes energy consumption by 50% or more, then you can receive a maximum loan of $60,000.

There is a $500 administration fee to participate in the program. If you can provide proof of low income, this administration fee can be waived.

Home Energy Audit Booking

Take the first step towards a greener and more cost-effective future by scheduling a home energy inspection today!

Our professional team of experts is here to help you uncover hidden energy inefficiencies in your home. During the inspection, we will thoroughly assess your property, identifying areas where energy is being wasted and providing you with valuable recommendations for improvement.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Our team is ready to assist you in creating a more energy-efficient and comfortable living space. Take control of your energy usage and start saving today!

Five Reasons to Choose Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

  1. Enjoy low-interest rates and repayments terms of up to 20 years.
  2. Avoid the large upfront costs of home energy improvements and pay for them over time as you save on your energy bills.
  3. Repay the loan via installments on your property tax bill. You can pay off the loan at any time without penalty.
  4. Investing in energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy in your home will save money in the long term by reducing your utility bills. Homes are also more comfortable and healthier due to less drafts and better air quality.
  5. The loan will be attached to your property, not to you, the property owner. This means that if you sell your home before the loan is repaid, the new owner will assume the balance of the loan.
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