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BC Energy Step Code Compliance Report

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The Compliance Report typically includes information on the energy efficiency measures implemented in the building, such as insulation levels, air tightness, heating and cooling systems, and ventilation strategies. It also includes energy modeling results, which demonstrate that the building’s energy performance meets or exceeds the requirements of the specific Step Code level.

Builders and developers are required to submit the BC Energy Step Code Compliance Report to the local authorities or building officials for approval before obtaining a building permit. By demonstrating compliance with the Energy Step Code, builders can ensure that their projects meet the energy efficiency standards set by the province and contribute to a more sustainable built environment.

  • Project Information

Details about the project, including the building type, location, floor area, and construction details.

  • Information on Energy Efficiency Measures Implemented in The Building

Details about the specific measures taken to improve the energy performance of the building, such as upgrades to insulation, windows, and lighting.

  • Insulation Levels

Description of the type and amount of insulation used in the building envelope to reduce heat loss and improve thermal comfort.

  • Air Tightness

Information on how well the building envelope prevents air leakage, which can impact energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

  • Heating and Cooling Systems

Overview of the systems installed in the building for heating and cooling purposes, including their efficiency ratings and energy consumption.

  • Ventilation Strategies

Explanation of the methods used to provide fresh air circulation in the building while maintaining energy efficiency.

  • Energy Modeling Results

Analysis of the predicted energy performance of the building based on simulations and calculations, showing compliance with the Energy Step Code requirements.

  • Demonstration of Meeting or Exceeding Specific Step Code Level Requirements

Confirmation that the building’s energy performance meets or surpasses the standards set for the designated Step Code level.

The Compliance Report is useful for:

  • Energy Advisors and modellers, to produce a standardized report.
  • Builders needing to demonstrate that a home or building meets a Step Code requirement.
  • Local governments seeking to verify compliance with bylaws or policies that reference the Step Code.
  • Local governments and utilities, in the processing of incentives and rebates aligned with Step Code metrics.

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