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EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Home Evaluations and Report

Maximize Comfort and Savings with EnerGuide

An energy-efficient home is comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. An EnerGuide home evaluation can help you understand how your home uses energy now and identify retrofits to help improve energy efficiency.
The EnerGuide evaluation is carried out by an energy advisor who is registered with Natural Resources Canada and is a representative of the service organization you selected to book your evaluation.
An energy advisor will assess your home from basement to attic. This will give you an EnerGuide rating for your home and an energy efficiency report to help you make decisions about possible upgrades.


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For an energy advisor to do an EnerGuide evaluation, your home must meet the following conditions:

  • Access:

Ensure clear path to attic, crawl spaces, and mechanical equipment.

  • Heating:

At the time of the evaluation, your home must have, at minimum, a space heating system in place that can keep the interior living space at 22 degrees Celsius.

  • Windows and doors:

All windows and doors must be in place, with temporary coverings if needed. Broken window panes must be air-sealed with materials such as taped polyethylene for during the blower door test. Close all windows and doors properly to ensure the test is accurate.

  • Envelope:

If any temporarily air-sealed location fails during the blower door test, your home cannot be evaluated. The building envelope which includes ceilings directly below the roof and attic spaces, exterior walls, exposed floors, windows and doors must be intact, including interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Foundation:

Your home must rest on its permanent foundation or be a permanently moored float home.

  • Power:

The blower door test equipment needs a supply of standard AC electrical power. If power is not available from a utility, you must arrange for a suitable power supply.

  • Water and sewer:

Potable water must be supplied by the municipality or from private wells or cistern systems. Sewer service must be provided by the municipality, a private septic system or a holding tank (outhouses and bio-toilets are permissible as toilets).

  • Operating kitchen:

Kitchen space must include a sink, an operating stove (i.e., no portable devices) and a minimum of six square feet (0.5 square metres) of counter space or evidence of future intent to install a permanent counter (i.e., not just a kitchen table).

  • Wood-burning appliances:

remove all ashes from any wood-burning appliances so they’re not drawn into the house during the blower door test.

Steps of The EnerGuide Evaluations

The evaluation often begins at the exterior of your home and then moves on to the interior. The energy advisor will measure and collect data about all of the elements of your home that impact its energy performance and then enter that data into an energy simulation software program that calculates your home’s EnerGuide rating.

The data collected includes:

  • the level of your home’s airtightness, using a blower door test.
  • the insulation levels of your walls, ceilings and basement.
  • the number, type and location of all windows and exterior doors.
  • the size and efficiency ratings of your space heating, space cooling (air conditioning) and water heating equipment.
  • information about any ventilation equipment.
  • any other information relevant to your home’s energy performance.

Home Energy Audit Booking

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