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Infrared Thermal Imaging

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Today, infrared thermal imaging has become essential for accurate building diagnostics. The fact is, the data that’s provided through imaging far exceeds any other diagnostic technique.

Thermal imaging testing allows us to assess the performance of your home’s electrical, mechanical, and structural systems. This helps you detect problems unseen by the eye before they can cause damage to your property. This includes moisture problems and leaks, missing insulation, electrical issues that can cause a fire, areas of energy and heat loss and more. You can then ensure that you make timely decisions about your home, and make the necessary adjustments to remain safe and comfortable. This will also help you maintain your home’s value at its highest.

Our imaging process reveals the exact areas that need repairs, ensuring that you are not spending unnecessary funds on larger unaffected areas. This will all be outlined with recommendations in a detailed report so you can make your own informed decisions about your property’s renovations.

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