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IR Thermography

Beyond the Visible

Infrared thermography is a non-invasive diagnostic technique used in energy audits to identify areas of heat loss, air leakage, and insulation deficiencies in buildings. By capturing thermal images of a building’s exterior and interior surfaces, infrared thermography can detect temperature variations that indicate energy inefficiencies. These images can reveal hidden issues that are not visible to the naked eye, allowing energy auditors to pinpoint areas for improvement and prioritize energy-saving measures.In an energy audit service, infrared thermography plays a crucial role in assessing the overall energy performance of a building.The detailed insights provided help building owners and facility managers make informed decisions to reduce energy consumptionand improve occupant comfort.

  • Interior Scan:

The auditor will use a thermal camera to scan the interior walls, ceilings, windows, doors, and around plumbing fixtures. They’ll be looking for temperature variations that could indicate inefficiencies.

  • Exterior Scan:

In some cases, the auditor might also perform an exterior scan, focusing on the roof, exterior walls, and around windows and doors. This helps identify areas where heat is escaping from the inside or leaking in from outside.
Analysis and Reporting:

  • Image Review:

After the scan, the auditor will analyze the thermal images to identify potential problem areas like missing insulation, air leaks, and inefficient HVAC components.

  • Report Generation:

They will then create a report that details their findings, including thermal images with explanations, and recommendations for corrective actions.


It’s important to note that thermography is just one part of a comprehensive energy audit. The auditor might also perform other checks like blower door tests and examine your HVAC system for a complete picture of your home’s energy efficiency.
By combining thermography with other methods, an energy auditor can provide valuable insights to help you improve your home’s comfort and reduce your energy bills.

benefits of IR thermography

  • Identifying Heat Loss and Air Leaks:

IR cameras can visualize temperature differences on a building’s surface. This allows auditors to pinpoint areas where heat is escaping, such as around windows, doors, or gaps in insulation.

  • Assessing Insulation Effectiveness:

IR scans can reveal problems with insulation, such as insufficient thickness, improper installation, or moisture damage. Wet insulation loses its insulating properties, and IR thermography can effectively detect such areas.

  • Optimizing HVAC Systems:

Uneven temperatures within a building can indicate problems with HVAC systems. IR scans can help identify malfunctioning heating or cooling elements, duct leaks, and inefficiencies in air distribution.

  • Prioritizing Repairs:

IR inspections provide visual evidence of energy-related problems, making it easier to prioritize repairs and justify the cost of improvements.

  • Non-invasive Inspection:

Unlike some traditional methods, IR thermography is non-invasive and doesn’t require damaging walls or ceilings. This makes it a fast and cost-effective way to assess a building’s energy performance.


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