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5 simple ways to better energy-efficient home

For better energy efficient home, just follow these steps:

1- Use an energy saving thermostat

Devices such as the Nest can be programmed to save energy when you’re not at home. Through an app, Nest will know when your phone is not at home and go into eco-mode. It will also start to learn your habits and recreate the times you turn up or down the heat. The ability to control your thermostat from your phone also means you can turn up the heat on your way home in the winter so you always enter a toasty home.

2- Switch up the exhaust fans in your washroom

Add timers to your exhaust fans so that they are not running and wasting energy when they’re not needed. There are even some vents that can sense humidity and turn on and off on their own. All Season Inspection can suggest the best fans to install to save you energy – going with an ENERGY STAR® certified product is a safe bet as they are required to meet specific efficiency expectations.

3- Use energy-saving light bulbs

LED lights can last up to 40 times as that of a regular incandescent bulb. This makes them cost effective and gives you the option to use solar energy for less funds. They also don’t cause the usual heat build up of a light bulb that can make a room warmer and of course, they use way less energy!

4- Seal air leaks in your home

You can lose energy from leaks around your doors or windows – especially in a harsh climate like we have in Ontario, weather can strip down insulation while caulking wears away. If you don’t know where these might be coming from, one of our All Season Inspection energy auditors can tell you. We will then recommend the best ways to remedy the problem.

5- Insulate your water pipes

Save on energy costs by making sure your hot water pipes aren’t losing their heat. When you insulate cold water pipes, this prevents sweating due to moisture condensation, reducing humidity levels in the summer. This will lower the cost of heating and cooling the water – when living in a climate that can go to both extremes you can make sure you’re saving on energy year round. This will also help prevent any leaks from extreme temperatures. Inquire with All Season Inspection to find how where and how to get this done.

A Canada Energy Audit can give you a detailed report about where you can improve the energy efficiency in your house.

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