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City of Vancouver Renovation Energy Upgrade Proposal (REUP)

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The Renovation Energy Upgrade Proposal (REUP) is a mandatory checklist required by the City of Vancouver for permit applications related to major home renovations.

If your renovation project exceeds $20,000 in construction value, you must include energy efficiency upgrades as part of the renovation process.

For projects exceeding $75,000, a pre-renovation Ener Guide assessment is required, along with a post-construction assessment by an Energy Advisor.

The REUP form outlines acceptable energy upgrades and their corresponding point values, with a minimum requirement of increasing home efficiency by 2 points for projects over $75,000.

Renovation Energy Upgrade

Upgrade categories include Envelope and Insulation, Home Electrification, Windows and Doors, Heating and Ventilation, and Domestic Hot Water, each with specific point values in the REUP scale.

  • Envelope and Insulation

This category focuses on improving the thermal performance of the building envelope, including walls, roofs, and floors. Upgrades may include adding insulation, sealing air leaks,Attic Insulation and improving overall energy efficiency through better insulation materials and techniques.

  • Home Electrification

Home electrification involves transitioning from traditional fossil fuel-based systems to electric-powered appliances and heating systems, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency by utilizing cleaner electricity sources. This upgrade also includes EV charger installation, upgrading the electrical panel, installing a solar water heating system, and switching household appliances to electric-powered options.

  • Windows, Doors, and Sloped Glazing

Replacing exterior doors, Upgrading windows and sloped glazing can significantly impact a home’s energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows and doors help reduce heat loss and gain, improve insulation, and enhance overall comfort while reducing energy costs.

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

HVAC systems play a crucial role in maintaining indoor comfort and air quality. Upgrades in this category may include installing high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, optimizing ventilation, and implementing smart controls to enhance energy efficiency.

  • DHW (Domestic Hot Water)

Domestic hot water systems are essential for everyday household activities. Upgrades in this category focus on improving the efficiency of water heating systems, such as installing Electric DHW, Heat Pump DHW, Drain Water Heat Recovery and implementing water-saving measures to reduce energy consumption.

Renovation Energy Upgrade Proposal Checklists

The Renovation Energy Upgrade Proposal (REUP) is the checklist required for all renovations valued over $20,000. It is filled out by an Energy Advisor.

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