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Spring’s sustainable home trends

Urban gardening: Gardens were often only thought of as possible in suburban areas but now urbanites are increasingly using their patios and balconies to grow produce as well. There are even options to have a garden directly in your kitchen, such as Just Vertical has produced.

Minimalism: As waste reduction becomes more mainstream, people are increasingly aware of ensuring everything they own has a purpose in their lives. This extends to decor and furniture – minimalist styles that have been popular over the last few years continue on, with homeowners leaning towards having only the items they need in their homes.

Natural Textures: Using more sustainable materials in homes has become part of trending design. This includes items such as woven straw baskets and bamboo decorations. Choosing woven shades and wool blankets is a great way to start making sustainable choices for the home. Woven shades can even reduce energy consumption by helping to regulate a home’s temperature. 

Repurposing Furniture: Before buying new, there is a growing trend to buying used pieces and redoing them to fit a home’s style. Although it’s not a new practice, reupholstering old furniture to fit a home renovation has become part of living a sustainable lifestyle while still enjoying new decor trends. 

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