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6 ways to keep your energy costs down

A do-it-yourself energy audit can help you improve your home energy consumption.

  1. Heat blocking window treatments can keep your home full of sunlight as the days get longer while keeping out the warm weather, allowing you to leave lights off and lower the air conditioning.
  2. Turn the air conditioning off at night and open up the windows – when the night air is cool enough, try getting the fresh air in while saving energy.
  3. Plugging a few of your appliances into one extension cord will allow you an easy way to turn them off, saving energy when they’re not in use.
  4. If you have a lot of lights in your home it can heat up the house and increase your air conditioning usage. Ensuring you have LED bulbs that create less heat will allow you to leave them on using less energy from the bulb itself as well as limiting the energy usage to cool your home.
  5. Slightly turning down the temperature of your water will lower your heating costs as well, plus helping to avoid burning your hands!
  6. Sealing ducts will prevent air loss and use less power from the cooling system that can lead to higher electricity bills.

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