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6 tips to traveling more sustainably

6 easy traveling tips to help sustainably while you go for a trip to other countries

  1. Take the train: try to spend more time at each destination if you can, but when travelling between cities opt to travel by ground when possible to decrease your carbon footprint.
  2. Throw out less: Use a refillable bottle with local purified water and bring foldable totes in your bag to fill with food or souvenirs while walking around. 
  3. Buy local: Ensure the items you are buying were made by local artisans rather than having been imported.
  4. Support sustainable organizations: Ask the tour companies, transportation, and hotels what sustainability practices they put in place before booking with them.
  5. Wash it yourself: Take along some detergent to wash a few items as needed as opposed to sending away for a laundry service.
  6. Take it with you: Take any leftover soap or shampoos with you from hotels to avoid them getting thrown out between guests.

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