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Get your house ready for summer

In Ontario, we never know when true summer will hit, so a home inspection can be helpful. It’s best to get your house in order before the extremely hot temperatures. Here are a few simple things you can do to get your house ready:

  1. Check that your air conditioner is in working order and change its filter system if needed. It could still be useful to call someone in to check on its status during the late days of spring – the last thing you’ll need on the hottest day of the summer is no AC!
  2. Now’s a good time to clean your windows and inspect them while you’re at it. Look for any signs of rot or water damage from melting snow and ice. Check that the seals around the window haven’t been worn down. Make sure your window screens don’t have any holes in them. Most of these items are easily fixable so now’s the best time to check in during the mild weather. 
  3. Check that your outdoor hose and/or irrigation system has made it through the winter intact so you’re ready to plant and water the garden.
  4. Get a home inspector in to do a quick check of the outside of your home. The roof is especially important to make sure the winter didn’t take off any shingles that you will find out about at an inopportune time. You home inspector can also climb up to the attic to make sure nothing is out of order.
  5. Now’s the time to clean those gutters: besides any damage that could have happened, they can be tough to clean, especially at this time of year, so you might consider getting a professional in.

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